Sussan Shokranian transforms forgotten luxurious fabrics into unforgettable capsule collections.It is locally handmade, affordable luxury, and effortlessly sustainable.

Alix Skirt - Sussan Shokranian

Effortlessly sustainable

All our collections are made with existing fabrics, forgotten end rolls from luxury maisons - upcycling.

No fabric is made for us, this way we don’t produce more waste and guarantee uniqueness to all our collections.

Henri Vest - Sussan Shokranian


Handmade pieces made to last with a production focused on styles we could wear from summer to winter.

Nothing here is ‘last season’ or démodé, any previous collection pieces can be found on our Archives tab.

From Paris to the world

Since 2017 we tell stories through curated forgotten fabrics.

From Iran, to Brazil, France and Japan, the beautiful fabrics found are carefully handmade in Paris by an expert seamstress with much love and attention to detail.

Made in Paris, shipping worldwide.